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April Lionheart

Limited Edition Anubis Tarot Deck & Book Set

Limited Edition Anubis Tarot Deck & Book Set

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Step into the realm of ancient wisdom and mysticism with the Anubis Tarot Deck and Book by April Lionheart. This captivating set offers seekers of insight and spiritual guidance a unique journey into the depths of the human psyche and the mysteries of the universe. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and steeped in the symbolism of ancient Egypt, the Anubis Tarot Deck comprises 78 intricately illustrated cards. Each card in this deck invites contemplation and introspection, guiding users through the labyrinth of their own subconscious. Accompanying the deck is the comprehensive Anubis Tarot Book, penned by renowned author April Lionheart. Delve into the pages of this guidebook to unlock the secrets of the tarot, explore the significance of each card and learn how to harness its power for personal growth and spiritual enlightenment. Lionheart's insightful interpretations and expert commentary offer a deeper understanding of the tarot's symbolism and its relevance to Hermetic Qabalah. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or a novice in the world of divination, the Anubis Tarot Deck and Book provides a gateway to ancient wisdom and profound self-discovery. Embrace the transformative journey that awaits as you navigate the beautify landscapes of the tarot, guided by the timeless wisdom of Anubis and the visionary insights of April Lionheart.

  • Full Deck of 78 Tarot Cards.
  • Limited Edition deck signed with certificate of authenticity.
  • Limited print run of 33 numbered and signed decks.
  • Includes the 193 page full color illustrated book.
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