Upcoming Events

Upcoming confirmed art show:

5/18/2024 Art Walk in Middleton, WI

8/17/2024 Honeybee Market - Menomonee Falls, WI

9/28/2024 Burning Troll in Mount Horeb, WI

10/5/2024 Fall Market in Sun Prairie, WI

Have an art opportunity?

If you have an art show, community project, or business event that might be a good fit, please let me know about potential opportunities and I will be more than happy to collaborate.

Pending Acceptance Shows:

9/21/2024 Holy Hill Art Show in Hubertus, WI

What to expect?

My artwork is designed for those who suffer from migraines and photophobia (light sensitivity). I wear therapeutic migraine contacts that come in a variety of colors. I have taken that color palette and incorporate into my artwork to ensure none of the artwork triggers migraines and can be viewed in lowlight settings. Because the artwork is meant to be viewed in low-light settings to help minimize pain and triggers, my standard canopy tent setup has a full white external facing 3 walls, canopy, with an internal facing layer of black matching set for the ceiling and 2 sides. This is to create lighting more suitable for those with light sensitivity. There is also adjustable color temperature lighting and intensity to better view how artwork might look in different environmental lighting available. The ambiance goal is far more of a relaxing spa to cultivate a sense of healing tranquility. Seating and bottled water are provided to guests if available.

When a show requires an all WHITE canopy set up, a second liner layer of white is used to produce a full white booth, but still offer some light reduction for those suffering from light sensitivity.