April Lionheart, a descendant of three generations of women artists and a traditional oil painter, is making waves in the art world by embracing the latest technology. Transitioning into utilizing digital oil painting within the traditional oil painting process as well as technology used in migraine relief contact lenses, she merges family techniques with contemporary methods to create stunning artworks. Born and raised in Dousman, WI, (presently in Cambria) Lionheart discovered her passion for art early on. Despite briefly leaving the scene after joining the Kettle Moraine Art Guild due to marriage, she is now returning to her artistic roots with renewed ambition. Drawing inspiration from nature, technology, and the esoteric, Lionheart's pieces captivate with colors designed to mitigate migraine pain. With her innovative approach and deep dedication to her heritage, Lionheart is focused on becoming one of the most influential artists of the region in creating artwork for migraine sufferers and those with photophobia, light sensitivity.