Artist's Tenet

As an ultra-contemporary fine artist, my first responsibility is to my audience, collectors, and fans who appreciate and support my work, both traditional oil paintings and digital oil paintings. I must create art that is of the highest quality and constantly strive to push the boundaries of my craft. My art must offer value and be accessible to a diverse range of people. I must fulfill customer orders promptly and accurately and provide them with exceptional service. I must foster fair and mutually beneficial partnerships with galleries, agents, and other art professionals.

I am responsible to the creative community of artists and associates of the art industry with whom I collaborate and interact. I must create an inclusive environment that respects the unique contributions and perspectives of each person. I must ensure fair compensation and working conditions that are safe, healthy, and fulfilling. I must provide opportunities for professional growth and advancement and support my colleagues' personal and family responsibilities. I welcome feedback and constructive criticism and strive to be an ethical and just leader within my community.

I am responsible to the communities in which I live and work and to the global art community as well. I use my art to promote positive change and support social causes that benefit society. I am a good citizen, contributing to charitable organizations and causes that promote the arts and cultural heritage. I am mindful of my environmental impact and work to protect natural resources.

My final responsibility is to my investors and supporters. I must run a successful business that generates a reasonable return on investment. I continue to innovate and experiment with new techniques and ideas, take risks, and invest in the future of my art. I am financially responsible, creating reserves to weather unforeseen challenges and opportunities. When I operate with these principles, my investors and supporters will realize a fair return.