Artist Bio

April Lionheart is a visionary oil painter who creates stunning, innovative works that push the boundaries of traditional fine art. Her unique pieces are characterized by their vivid colors, post impressionistic to surrealistic style, and striking use of light and shadow designed for those with light sensitivity issues. 

Born and raised in Dousman, WI, Lionheart developed an early interest in art and began experimenting with digital painting as a teenager. She went on to join the Kettle Moraine Art Guild, but left due to marriage in 2009.

Previously, Lionheart’s work has been featured in galleries and exhibitions throughout Southeastern Wisconsin prior to 2009. After a break of about 15 years, Lionheart returned to her family’s heritage and rejoined the fine arts. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, including nature, technology, and the esoteric world, she creates pieces that are both relaxing and philosophically engaging.

With her innovative approach to digital technology within the traditional oil painting process and her unwavering dedication to her craft, Lionheart is poised to become one of the most notable artists of the year.

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